Our foundation has been built on providing turnkey total network construction solutions to a wide range of customers. Our experience and expertise in this field is unrivaled.

ISP and OSP Services

Future Telecom provides inside plant and outside plant construction from conception, engineering, and permits to accurate and professional as built drawings. We have provided installation services on projects ranging from constructing a new lateral for building expansion to complete fiber rings covering miles and serving multiple customers. Some of our more challenging projects include long distance overbuilds, multiple tenant duct systems, and specialized installations for NASA and other federal government facilities.

Aerial Services


As an economic alternative to underground placement, Future Telecom also offers aerial placement services. From pre-survey and engineering through cable placement and as-built documentation, Future Telecom delivers cost effective and efficient aerial services.

Cable Placement and Splicing

With millions of feet of cable placed to date, Future Telecom’s cable placement and splicing services are among the most experienced in their field. Our varied project experience has enabled our cable placing crews to handle everything from 6 count fiber optic cables to 3600 pair copper phone cables. Our attention to detail and safety protects our customers valuable investment throughout the placement process.

Telecommunications Projects