Small Cell Networks

OSP Research, Design and Deployment

Extending Future’s already extensive experience Future Telecom researches (including manhole butterfly’s, utility locates) designs, and deploys the fiber optic back bone and laterals of the Small Cell hub/node network. Drawing upon our history of fiber deployments in ILEC duct, directional boring, open trenching and microtrenching, Future can design, permit, install and maintain the end to end fiber infrastructure from the node to hub. Future owns, we do not depend on subcontractors, the boring, flushing, trenching and pumping equipment to efficiently and quickly perform fiber installations.

Power Distribution

The requirement for power to the nodes is within our experience and capabilities. Future can work with your power company to bring power to the nodes from manholes and combine fiber and power paths to save valuable trenching /boring costs.

Node Location, Design and Installation

Future is growing its capability for Small Cell Networks to support location design. Future can support site walks to locate SC Nodes where the coverage objectives of the wireless carrier can be achieved but account for location of local fiber routing, power availability and cost of fiber/power connectivity. Future will follow through with design utilizing experienced A&E partners to deliver the quality node construction drawings required to permit and manufacture a reliable SCN.

With the addition to staff of experienced RF technicians and management, Future can assemble install and test the nodes starting with subassembly and test at our facilities and final assembly and test (including VSWR, DTF, Return Loss and PIM) at the node destination including municipality and power company required inspections and fiber connectivity testing.


Wireless Projects